Balkanising Taxonomy - A symposium & an exhibition supported by the Constance Howard Resource and Research Centre in Textiles and Graduate School, Goldsmiths, University of London
_Sophie Hope
PhD candidate and visiting tutor, Birkbeck College
Archiving as Practice

I would like to explore how ‘archiving’ for me has become a form of art /curatorial practice, an excuse for meeting people and a process of action research. How is the archive a site for democratic storytelling that embraces both facts and fictions? Who protects the archive, what are the politics of the archive and how are diverse subjectivities told and retold through the archive? I will refer to my approaches to archiving through recent projects such as ‘Trying to understand the history of Yugoslavia in an afternoon’ with Nada Prlja (2006), the B+B Archive (2003 – ongoing) and my current research into the economics of socially engage art.

Sophie Hope's work inspects the uncertain relationships between art and society. This involves establishing how to declare her politics through her practice; rethinking what it means to be paid to be critical and devising tactics to challenge notions of authorship. Since co-founding the curatorial partnership B+B in 2000, Sophie has gone on to pursue her independent practice, with recent projects taking place in a Dutch new town, south London housing estate and Austrian cultural embassy. Sophie also writes, teaches and facilitates workshops, dealing with issues of public art, the politics of socially engaged art and curating.

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Performance by Hannah Oshea

Sophie Hope and Nada Prlja make plasticine models of monuments to Tito and Bruce Lee whilst trying to understand
the history of the former Yugoslavia in an afternoon' (part of Confusion as a Mode of Sensibility, Peckham, 2006)