Balkanising Taxonomy - A symposium & an exhibition supported by the Constance Howard Resource and Research Centre in Textiles and Graduate School, Goldsmiths, University of London
_Piera Ravnikar
Founder Director of TERMINAL/00/, MA in South/East European Studies, UCL

Since its founding in 2004, TERMINAL/00/ has worked actively in the area of contemporary Balkan art. Created initially as a focal point for young Balkan art, TERMINAL/00/ has developed into a vital selection of the visual, multimedia and performing arts. It has stimulated distinctive research in Balkan art through a variety of innovative public talks and discussions as well as through the exhibition of various cultural events in the region and beyond. Focused on partnership building, co-productions and the promotion of imaginative art projects, TERMINAL/00/ encourages the idea of artistic initiative. One that enhances the common cultural bond, links the contemporary art industry, fosters regional cooperation and creates its own art as a result of the international networking arts circle.

Piera Ravnikar (Ljubljana, 1978) has been actively working in the contemporary arts for the past decade and has specialised in the area of Contemporary Balkan Art over the past five years. Fueled by her strong beliefs in the ability of art and culture to promote a new and positive Balkan identity, Piera founded TERMINAL/00/ in 2004 for this very purpose. Ever passionate about art, Piera has collaborated with and represented over 150 artists working in the areas of multimedia, visual and performing arts, building an impressive catalogue of contemporary Balkan art. To date, TERMINAL/00/ has developed into a forum for intercultural exchanges for artists throughout the Balkan region. Aside from a series of acclaimed art events, including the annual international Balkan Art Week (now in it’s fifth year), TERMINAL/00/ has also fostered a distinctive brand of research into Balkan culture through its open public discussions. A champion for global culture through the arts, Piera has worked extensively with various international organisations, like UNESCO, as well as with arts and media companies at the forefront of contemporary taste such as MTV. Her work with TERMINAL/00/ has led Piera to be actively sought as a freelance art project manager and arts consultant. She is also now working towards opening her own contemporary Balkan art studio and gallery in London next year. Piera holds an MA in South/East European Studies from the University of London.

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*Balkan Reel at the Balkanizing Taxonomy Symposium*
Balkan Reel 2008 is a selection of short film projections, which presents 10 young artists from the Balkan region that were chosen by an international jury during the years of 2006/2007/2008

Heroic Times – Ilya Nikola and Bakorijev Stoyanov [Bulgaria]
Market – Ana Husman [Croatia]
Operation Painting – Marijana Markoska and Katarina Kaplarski [Serbia]
Because Of The Key – Konstantinos Vogler Peppas [Greece]
Caged Birds Can't Fly – Marija Arandjelovic [Serbia]
From Here To There – Venelin Shurelov [Bulgaria]
Last Train Ride – Gokhan Okur [Turkey]
I Talk To My House – Zacharias Mavroeidis [Greece]

Listen to Piera Ravnikar's presentation:

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Duration: 11m 18s

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Duration: 5m 3s

Venelin Shurelov (Bulgaria): FROM HERE TO THERE, animation

Venelin Shurelov (Bulgaria): FROM HERE TO THERE, animation