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_Dragana Perisic
Fashion Designer

Dragana Perisic came to London from Belgrade to look for a part for her Suzuki 750. However fashion design took over from motorbikes as her passion, and the fashion capital soon became her home. Dragana's sense of style was soon recognised wherever she went, and after completing a degree at the London College of Fashion, her collections were snapped up by private clients and buyers throughout England. Dragana's clothing could never be considered simple, although it is subtle. It is far from elaborate, yet cleverly thought out. It is an imaginative mix of the landscape of her native Yugoslavia and the sophistication of big cities: A melting of both of the worlds she now inhabits. The work now, apart from the garments, includes delicate fabric jewellery, belts and scarves.

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Design by Dragana Perisic

Design by Dragana Perisic